Build the Win/Loss Review Habit Early

If you’ve ever spent time with an enterprise sales team you’ll understand what a win/loss review is. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Typically, when a deal you should have won didn’t close, you review back over the sales execution to see where you failed. This shouldn’t be applied to deals that were never appropriately qualified by your BD reps, but rather genuine qualified opportunities that fit your typical buyer profile. And inversely, you should also analyse why you have won deals instead of just drumming the gong and moving on. Continue reading →

Stop Closing All of Your Bookings at the End of the Quarter

We’ve all seen this chart in a board meeting or in an email from the CEO or VP Sales.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 23.27.29

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Thoughts on Channel Sales Strategies

Many successful enterprise software companies have significant channel strategies. What is a channel strategy? To me, it is about how to leverage an external network of partners that can resell another company’s product, refer leads to that company, or enter into formal partnerships to go after deals together (specifically when one company has a killer feature that the other company’s product doesn’t have).

Another way of putting this is: sell with, sell through, sell to.

I have seen numerous startups try and fail to set-up their own channel strategy early on – early typically being less than $1-3m ARR. Should they have explored these opportunities this early on? Continue reading →