I’m a VC investing into tech startups all across Europe. I grew up in Texas, had a short stint in NYC and landed in London after I finished studying. I’ve been living in London for a decade now and still spend a considerable amount of time in SF, NYC and of course, the Lonestar State.

I’m lucky to be able to work with some of the most passionate and curios people on the planet.

I tweet often about startups and tech and am on AngelList and LinkedIn.

I keep a google form of all the books I read. Check it out here.

I’m fascinated in how companies transcend multiple geo’s. Specifically, how they launch and successfully grow their footprint in new markets. I have a vast amount of data internally from the dozens of investments I have made to date and I’m compiling data and interviewing people who have launched products and built teams in new markets.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences or contributing to the project please get in touch. The ultimate goal is to publish an International Playbook for founders and boards.

I’m always interested in talking to founders about how they’re building products to solve their personal problems and how to grow their companies.